We support our employees by ensuring that we provide a fair, ethical and safe workplace.
  • We take pride in our practices to ensure the safety, health and well-being of our employees. We maintain best practices for safety and health through policies and procedures and access to our employee assistance program.
  • Our employment practices are rooted in our policies against discrimination, harassment and retaliation to ensure a positive working environment for all.
  • We are committed to an ethical workplace and provide our employees with guidance and reporting mechanisms to foster a culture of honesty and accountability.
Please see our policies for more information about our culture and workplace.

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The Sinclair Broadcast Diversity Scholarship Fund was established in 2016 to provide financial support to college students interested in a career in broadcast / digital journalism, or marketing. The Fund plans to award scholarships of up to $5,000 to qualifying and deserving students from underrepresented minority groups who need financial assistance to complete their education.

The Fund complements Sinclair's existing widespread internship program as well as Sinclair's long-standing relationships with numerous colleges, including historically black colleges and universities in markets where Sinclair has stations. This Fund is another way for Sinclair to invest in the future of broadcast television, by ensuring that students dedicated to careers in broadcasting can complete their educations.